Phish - 1991

Music Farm
Charleston, SC, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an 18-and-over show, but according to the Nov/Dec 91 Phish Update, “only 50 under 21 admitted”.  Reportedly this was not a problem because less than fifty people were at the show (some attribute this to Jerry Garcia Band’s show that night a few hours away in Charlotte, NC).  The soundcheck featured the “where’s Dandy Don” version of Dog Log, with extra lyrics about Colorado promoter and friend “Dandy” Don Strasburg.  More importantly, this soundcheck brought the 1st and only known performance of Fuck Your Face since 4/29/87.  Before The Divided Sky, Trey welcomed everyone to “the farm” and explained that Phish are troubadours from Gamehendge, thus launching into the first Rhombus Narration in a year and a half (since 5/7/90) complete with 3-pronged climbing instruments and The Lizards’ prayer ritual.  Trey ended Cavern with The Simpsons secret language.  Before Uncle Pen, Trey said “we’re going to do a song by Bill Monroe.”  During the Hold Your Head Up intro, Trey introduced Fish as Showboat Gertrude.  Fish said “we’re used to playing in front of huge auditoriums of people…stadiums and stuff, so this is great to have a nice, small, personal sort of crowd.”  Before singing Terrapin, Fish said twice “Hello Alice” before explaining he was about to sing a beautiful love song written by the great Syd Barrett.   After the Hold Your Head Up outro, Trey said “thank you folks…a song by Henrietta, alias Showboat Gertrude.  Trey then said the band was going to come around to the front of the stage to do a couple of a cappella numbers, old-time style. They only did one, Memories, which was performed without microphones.  Trey responded “well that wasn’t very quiet” and explained that the band spontaneously break into song when they go together to the barber’s shop.  Llama was preceded by a unique Gamehendge narrative by Trey, who said “this song takes you to the top of a mountain with a rebel troop about to get attacked by these other troops coming up the mountain in a war-torn nightmare of futuristic Gamehendge.”  The encore listed on the master tape in the archives is Duke’s Place (Duke Ellington cover).  However, the encore is not on the tape so this may be an inside joke, a comment on the house music played post-show, or a clue to Phish’s 1st known performance of the song.