Phish - 1991

Portland Performing Arts Center
Portland, ME, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This all ages show was not listed in the Apr/May 1991 Phish Update. It was apparently announced a few weeks before it happened. The show was presented by Dionysian Productions with a ticket price of $12. Portland Performing Arts Center was a very small theater with a capacity of about 280 and impeccable acoustics. The show began with a “no smoking” announcement. This was the “Sit or Dance” show. After The Divided Sky Trey commented on how inspiring the venue was and reported the recent band “philosophical discussions” about sitting vs. standing at shows. He pointed out that he prefers to dance while listening to live music while Page prefers to sit, but that they did not want anybody to feel uncomfortable. As a compromise, he suggested dancing in the side aisles to be considerate of those sitting in the middle seats. For more on this topic, see 11/1/09. Taking advantage of the room’s acoustical qualities, Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones. Before My Sweet One, Fish announced that the band “has Peter Paluska’s wallet” and Peter said something about Fish playing “Moby Dick backwards” Zeke Vaughn was reportedly the sole taper with microphones at this show – the setlist was adopted from his audience recording.