Phish - 1991

Georgia Theatre
Athens, GA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This 18-and-over gig was Phish’s seventh and last show at the Georgia Theatre. The soundchecked versions of All Things Reconsidered were performed especially slowly. Believe it or not, the Dog Log soundcheck was played at Paul’s request. While tuning up for set I (before Buried Alive), The band teased the Andy Griffith Theme aka Fishin’ Hole. Subsequently while tuning up for set II, Trey teased Possum before opening with Dinner And A Movie. Trey’s guitar solo in Magilla was reminiscent of All Things Reconsidered. During the Hold Your Head Up intro, Trey introduced Fish as Henrietta. Before his vacuum solo in Love You, Fish introduced the band including Paul at the soundboard “drinkin.” Trey teased Dixie during Run Like An Antelope, which was subsequently train wrecked, no doubt inspiring the band to end the song with The Simpsons secret language. Split Open And Melt and Memories comprised a second encore performed after the band left the stage and returned following Big Black Furry Creature From Mars. Memories was performed without microphones.