Phish - 1991

The Academy
New York, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was part of the BMI New Music Seminar.  Phish played a 1-set, 16-and-over show billed as Phish with Special Guests: The Giant Country Horns.  The Giant Country Horns were Dave “The Truth” Grippo, Russell “Killer” Remington and Carl “Gears” Gerhard.  The Horn Tour Phish Update stated “our show in NYC at Academy should be a welcome change for those tired of stuffing themselves into The Marquee.  Academy is an old Broadway house turned club with plenty of room.”  Phish closed the evening after two opening bands, The Ellen James Society and Yothu Yindi (an Australian band composed of native Aborigines).  The Landlady and Stash included teases of Hot House (Tadd Dameron cover) by Trey, who introduced The Giant Country Horns after Weeekapaug Groove, calling Russell “Killer Bee” Remington the fifth member of the Johnny B. Fishman Jazz Ensemble.  Grippo played congas for The Landlady and Frankenstein.  Trey spaced the lyrics to Cavern and he asked the crowd to help, saying “Does anybody know the words to this next section because I don’t.”  Page’s piano solo outtro to The Squirming Coil ended with a tease of Third Stone From The Sun.  Caravan began with Trey announcing over the beat that “this is a great room and I really hope…that we can come back here sometime soon and play two sets, a real long night, now that we’ve discovered the room.”  Caravan subsequently contained teases of Manteca.   The band paused during Letter To Jimmy Page for Trey to re-introduce the horns.”  Reportedly, Phish performed an a cappella song or perhaps a short acoustic set the following day during the BMI New Music Awards at the Marriott Marquis hotel, joining other bands like Live, Judy Bats and 5 Chinese Brothers.