Phish - 1991

Alumnae Hall, Brown University
Providence, RI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s first performance of the new year – an all ages show. Flyers read “Alumnae Hall” and advertised tickets for $8.50 advance and $9.50 day-of-show. This show marked the 1st known performances of Tweezer Reprise, Guelah Papyrus (which incorporated the instrumental The Asse Festival) and Chalk Dust Torture. At the time, Tweezer Reprise didn’t have a name and instead was considered a “new ending” to Tweezer. Magilla was also updated – played with a slightly different beat than it had been before. During Reba, Trey and Page teased Dixie. The Mango Song was played for the first time in nearly a year and a half (since 9/16/89) – so long that Trey introduced it as a new song. The show was ended early by Brown officials, who enforced the curfew by ironically cutting short the Alumni Hall Alumni Blues. After Cavern Trey nominated someone from Brown to deliver the bad news that the event had to end by midnight so the next song would be the last During Letter To Jimmy Page, Trey announced “we’re not going to forget that this got cut short and the next time we’re in back in the area we’re going to make it up to you.” The band squeezed in Carolina as an encore, while Trey joked about getting “the big hook”.