Phish - 1991

Larrabee Farm (a/k/a Amy’s Farm)
Auburn, ME, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was referred to as “Amy’s Farm”. It was an all ages, free outdoor show with free parking and camping onsite. An invitation mailed to fans on the mailing list began: “Driving along in the Love Van a short time ago, it suddenly dawned on us that we were only a few months away from our eighth anniversary as a band. We started thinking about all of the friends we’d met over the years and we realized that it would be great to throw a party to thank everyone for the good times.” It went on to invite everybody to Amy Skelton’s 255 acre horse farm “to thank you all for eight years of memories”. “This will be a free concert on Saturday August 3rd, which will run from early afternoon till early evening.” The invitation was signed by Trey, Mike, Page and Fish. Amy joined the band onstage before set I to deliver an Introduction and warning not to smoke atop the hay bails in front of the stage (because “grass catches”). The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam was “don’t put no gerbils in your bottom” – a play off a recent bout of tough press about some alleged experimentation by actor Richard Gere. Happy Birthday was sung before Magilla and Buried Alive included didgeridoo by Jamie Janover. Phish had been working with The Dude of Life on his upcoming album and this show’s encore featured the 1st public performances of Bitchin’ Again and Crimes Of The Mind. The Dude sat in on vocals for all three of his songs and Bitchin’ Again also included Sofi Dillof on vocals (as did the album version). Harry Hood was a second encore, performed after the band left the stage and returned following Crimes Of The Mind. Jim Pollock created art for this show’s flyers and t-shirts that depicted horses gazing at a fish lying in the field. Along with Townshend and Arrowhead shows, Amy’s Farm set the stage for Phish’s later festival ambitions. This was the last public show of the summer. After Amy’s Farm, Phish spent the rest of the summer recording and mixing the as-yet-unnamed album, “A Picture of Nectar” and The Dude Of Life And Phish – “Crimes Of The Mind”.