Phish - 1991

Berkeley Square
Berkeley, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show took place on Easter Sunday.  It was an 18-and-over show at a small club.  The crew discovered during load-in that the venue power was insufficient to run both sound and lights.  The crew chose sound and Chris Kuroda went in search of a lighting solution.  Because it was a holiday, there were limited shopping choices so Toph had to settle on buying candles and various candle holders from Pier 1 (see also 8/15/98 set IV for candlelit Phish), which provided the only “light show”.  There are no tapes of this show in the archives – the setlist was adopted from circulating fan sources.  This rendition of Fly Famous Mockingbird included a brief Gamehendge narration, as eventually became the custom for most performances of the song (although many fans incorrectly label the narrations as being part of Colonel Forbin’s Ascent).  This was the 1st known performance of Fly Famous Mockingbird with the narration as it is currently known.