Phish - 1991

Webster Hall, Dartmouth College
Hanover, NH, United States map

Set List

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Show Notes

This show was Phish’s second show at Webster Hall and their last show at Dartmouth College.  It was an all ages show that was not listed in the Nov/Dec 91 Phish Update and was the only Phish show at Dartmouth to take place on a night of the week other than a Saturday.  The crowd clapped along to I Didn’t Know, during which Trey introduced Fish as Sulu before his trombone solo (which he played without a mouthpiece).  After Divided Sky, the band took a pause so Fish could remove a splinter from his finger (“it’s a tough job being the drummer”), which led to some Fish razzing during the Cavern intro.  An extended David Bowie hi-hat intro gave Trey the opportunity to present the crew with monogrammed Phish bathrobes as a thank-you gift for their work on the tour.  Trey introduced the crew and asked Chris to take a light solo, which he did.  The audience passed the bathrobes from Trey out to the crew.  Bowie subsequently included Charlie Chan, Random Laugh and The Simpsons secret language.  Trey called the audience “incredibly attentive” as the band ended Golgi Apparatus.    Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones.