Phish - 1993

Great Woods Amphitheatre
Mansfield, MA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second performance at Great Woods and their 1st headline show there. Stash included even more audience clapping during Fish’s wood block section as the audience slowly made itself more a part of that song. Set I featured the 1st public performance of The Mango Song in more than a year (since 5/17/92). The Mango Song overlapped perfectly with Bouncing Around The Room. The Squirming Coil included some teases of Bodhisattva (Steel Dan cover). Maze included teases of 2001. The crowd reaction during Purple Rain after the “I don’t want to be your weekend lover” verse was perhaps the loudest up unitl that time at any Phish show. Free Bird was performed with microphones.