Phish - 1992

Hamburg, Germany map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in Europe. It was an all ages, 1-set show opening for the Violent Femmes. Before The Landlady Trey greeted the band’s new hosts “good evening ladies and gentlemen, we are special guests from the United States.” Before You Enjoy Myself Trey mentioned “for those of you who actually want to know” that they are Phish from the U.S. and aren’t formerly from Marillion.” Phish went on to befriend the Scottish prog-rocker, Fish. The vocal jam was based on “roots.” This was the 1st date listed in the June/July/August 92 Phish Update, which stated, “As the schedule makes clear, our summer is broken up into three sections. The first section is a brief tour of Europe. We’ll be playing as an opening act on most of these shows, so if you head to Europe, don’t expect the sets to be longer than one hour.”