Phish - 1992

First Avenue
Minneapolis, MN, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages show – Phish’s second and last performance at First Avenue. You Enjoy Myself included an Oye Como Va jam. Before the Vibration Of Life, the band started playing My Sweet One, during which Mike wished an audience member a happy birthday. Rather than sing My Sweet One, Trey started explaining the 7-beats-per-second Vibration Of Life, mentioning “this has been attempted only two other times”. While Fish maintained the My Sweet One beat, Mike added “don’t try this at home.” Near the end of the Vibration, the jam turned heavy metal and Trey proclaimed “We’ve done it…now the Vibration of Death!” They quickly segued into My Sweet One, sparing the minds of the audience. The verses of Fee were sung by Trey through his megaphone. David Bowie included a tease of The Odd Couple Theme as well as Fall Down and The Simpsons secret language. During Love You, Fish introduced the band and played a vacuum solo. After the Hold Your Head Up outro, Trey introduced fish as Eyeball Man to which Page chimed in with a new nickname, “Tubbs.” Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones.