Phish - 1992

Ross Arena, Saint Michael’s College
Colchester, VT, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

After a couple of months immersed in recording “Rift”, the band opened their fall tour with an all ages, hometown show at the newly-constructed Ross Arena. This was the “All In The Family Show” – the opening night of a 21-show headline tour. New t-shirts bearing Jim Pollock artwork proclaimed “1992 Trans-American Eurotrash 2000.” Although the band had traveled by bus on Santana tour, this show marked the beginning of Phish’s 1st headline tour traveling on buses (ie: not having to drive themselves after the show). This tour also provided the band’s 1st printed itinerary and the opportunity for Paul Languedoc to employ the band’s own brand-new Digital Audio Tape (DAT) recorder to capture live shows in higher fidelity with less tape cuts. The opening three songs of the soundcheck, Poor Heart, Funky Bitch and Fast Enough For You featured Gordon Stone on pedal steel guitar. The Introduction before Maze was delivered by WIZN Disc Jockey, friend and St. Mike’s alumnus Mike Luoma. The Divided Sky had a middle breakdown of the “All In The Family” theme, Those Were The Days (Lee Adams and Charles Strouse cover). After Axilla, Trey announced that it was his favorite of the new songs. This show saw the 1st public performance of a number of originals and cover songs, including Axilla, I Walk The Line (Johnny Cash cover), Big Ball Jam, Fast Enough For You and Lengthwise. This was the 1st version of The Horse with the new lyric “I’d meet you in between” substituted for the lyric “Mathilda in between” which had been sung from its debut through summer. The set I closer, Run Like An Antelope included more teases of Those Were The Days as well as a tease of The Lizards and Fall Down secret language. Set II kicked off with an Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Yes cover) tease before Mike’s Song. Mike’s song included teases of Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice cover sampling Queen and David Bowie’s Under Pressure). Weekapaug Groove contained teases of Those Were The Days as well as a vocal jam and some lyrics from a Price Of Love (Ninja Custodian cover). Tweezer contained a tease of I Walk The Line, which led into Big Black Furry Creature From Mars which was not sung – instead mike “sang” I Walk The Line while Trey sang Ring Of Fire (Johnny Cash cover) and Page teased Ring Of Fire. The 1st ever Big Ball Jam was introduced as a way for the audience to play the band using four balls, each corresponding to a band member. It was dedicated to monitor engineer Pete Schall. Poor Heart, Fast Enough For You, and Llama during the show were all performed with Gordon Stone on pedal steel guitar. Before the extended debut of Lengthwise, Trey called Fish Eyeball Man and introduced him as “sporting a new eyeball dress and singing a love song to Katrina Wing.” Fish proceeded to blow a big vacuum solo on this dub-reggae version of his new song, so good that it was on the new album twice. The show ended with the first Bold As Love in about two and a half years (since 4/18/90). This epic show was released by in January 2010 entitled “Haiti Relief” as a benefit for victims of the Haiti earthquake relief effort. All proceeds are donated to The American Red Cross and Partners in Health. Phish’s own non-profit, The WaterWheel Foundation, matched the first $15,000 earned by the release.