Phish - 1992

Livingston Gym Fieldhouse, Denison University
Granville, OH, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages show that was not listed in the Nov/Dec 92 Phish Update. When it was added to the schedule is not known though it was in the band/crew’s itinerary. The venue in the itinerary was called “Livingston Gym Field House” with a capacity of 1,000 and the description “boomy field house.” Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones and, as was often the case, was not captured on the soundboard recordings. During Weekapaug Groove, Trey rollerbladed through the audience while he soloed for the first time in more than a year (since 9/28/91). This is believed to be a feat he only ever attempted twice. During Fish’s Hold Your Head Up intro, he was introduced by Trey as Henrietta and commented repeatedly on the Argent cover, “a hateful song indeed.” During Love You, Fish asked the audience “are you guys awake…have you been drinking? I thought so”. He proceeded to introduce the band, commenting on Page’s solo “very nice Page” and finally blew a big vacuum solo. Fish then false-started Dinner And A Movie, which led to the 1st performance of Baby Elephant Walk (Henry Mancini cover). That rarity led to David Bowie, which included Fall Down secret language. This show remains the only show from this tour for which no audience recording is known to circulate. It was released as a archival download (without Sweet Adeline) in spring 2003.