Phish - 1992

Matthews Arena, Northeastern University
Boston, MA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 4th annual New Year’s Eve show. Matthews Arena is the oldest surviving indoor ice hockey rink and oldest multi-purpose athletic building still in use in the U.S., having opened in 1910 and housing, at various times, the Boston Celtics and Bruins. With a capacity of about 6,300, this was the band’s largest headline show to-date. This entire show was recorded multi-track in a remote truck and was broadcast live (and rebroadcast the following day) on Boston’s largest rock station, WBCN 104.1 FM. To take advantage of this fact (sort of the band’s own War Of The Worlds experiment), flyers were handed out to everybody on the way into the show explaining eight special signals that Trey would trigger by holding up various signs. The flyers gave audience instructions for the WBCN simulcast and stated in part “we’ve been blessed with the opportunity to play with people’s minds. We’ve come up with a bunch of new `language’ signals designed to confuse and confound the average radio listener. These signals will be written on signs and held up by Trey at various times throughout the night.” The handout explained each signal, including “Mass Hysteria”, “Yay/Boo”, “Whistle” and “Eggplant”. During the pause in Wilson (before the “Blat Boom” lyrics), the band started a jazzy jam with The Simpsons, Random Note, Finger Scrape and other secret language. During I Didn’t Know, Fish played a trombone solo and the audience was signaled “to fuck with the radio audience” by Trey holding up signs per the flyer. Run Like An Antelope contained Random Note secret language. During Fly Famous Mockingbird, Trey’s Gamehdnge narration resolved with Brad Sands (in what looked like a chicken costume) hanging from the rigging throughout the song. Mike’s Song and Weekapaug Groove were played together (but without I Am Hydrogen) for the 1st time at this show. Instead the two sections of “Mike’s Groove” were linked by the countdown to 1993 and Auld Lang Syne as balloons dropped inside the arena. Fish’s ancient ritual chant, Kung, was played for the first time in more than three years (since 11/2/89). This show featured the first public performance of Diamond Girl with The Dude of Life on vocals. Dressed as an old man, The Dude entered and exited the stage pushing a lawn mower. Carolina was performed without microphones. This was the band’s last headline show until February, 1993. In the meantime, they dealt with some album-related photos shoots and interviews, released Fast Enough For You as the 1st single from “Rift” in January and released the album “Rift” on Groundhog Day (2/2/93).