Phish - 1992

Bailey Hall, Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages show presented by the Cornell Concert Commission. A unique flyer was created for this show but never used to promote it because it arrived too late from the printer.  The venue was a historic Greek Revival-style auditorium built in 1912 with impeccable acoustics and a capacity at the time of 1,845.  The soundcheck featured the 1st live performance of The Wedge – actually many versions of the song as the band worked on the song and explored alternative arrangements.  The Wedge had been recorded in the studio less than a month earlier but wouldn’t be played in public for a few months (until 2/3/93).  Suzy Greenberg contained multiple teases of Jimmy Olsen’s Blues, the last with a quick verse sung by Trey.  This rendition of Fee featured Trey singing verses through a megaphone, some without the aid of a microphone.  Reba included extended teasing of Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles cover).  Between Bathtub Gin and Adeline, Trey warned the audience to be prepared for “the Big Balls” and explained the “idealistic” intent behind the Big Ball Jam (“when you want the song to continue with us controlling the music you guys have to knock the balls back to the stage.”) and shared some other brainstorm ideas with the audience, including spring shoes, moonwalks and hot tubs.  “Feel free to go talk to Amy at the merchandise table…you never know.”  Sweet Adeline and Carolina were performed without microphones.  Before Sweet Adeline, Trey used the megaphone to ask the audience to “shut the fuck up” so they could sing a cappella.  Run Like An Antelope featured multiple teases of Bathtub Gin as well as The Simpsons secret language.  After Axilla, Trey said “That was Axilla – Fish is mad at me because I fucked up the ending.” Fish replied “I thought i lost my mind there for a minute.”  You Enjoy Myself featured a huge Eleanor Rigy tease by Trey.  This show featured the 1st performance of Faht (aka Windham Hell) sung and played by Fish on acoustic guitar with taped sound effects piped in by Paul.  Fish explained that the song couldn’t be called Windham Hell on Nectar for legal reasons.  After finishing his latest debut, he declared “now THAT’s rock and roll.”  The jam in You Enjoy Myself was punctuated with lots of testimony from the band.  During the vocal jam, Fish stopped long enough to acknowledge his bandmates’ falsetto skills by blurting out “ladies and gentlemen, Axl Rose.”  The sound system apparently failed for a minute during Golgi Apparatus, prompting Trey to use his megaphone to announce “well, the P.A.’s off but we’re going to finish the song anyway”, which they did.  Carolina and Tweezer Reprise were performed as a second encore after the band left the stage and returned following Bold As Love.