Phish - 1992

Keswick Theater
Glenside, PA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages show on the eve of Thanksgiving. The venue was a historic vaudeville and movie house designed by Horace Trumbauer (who also designed the Philadelphia Museum of Art) opened in 1928 with a capacity of about 1,300 and widely considered one of the best sounding theaters in the Philadelphia area. Trey took advantage of the great acoustics by singing Fee through his megaphone Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones and was book-ended by Cavern, which the band ended after Sweet Adeline, using the ending as a beginning to Run Like An Antelope. The Simpsons secret language was also employed during Run Like An Antelope. The Lizards was quickly aborted by Trey after forgetting the lyrics. Having stopped the song, he welcomed his Grandfather (Ernie I aka Grandpoonie) who was present and assured him they don’t usually mess up like that. Trey then restarted the song, again forgot the second verse and stopped again, requesting help from the audience. During this second pause in The Lizards, Trey tried to shirk responsibility for the double lyric brownout by explaining the Big Ball Jam. Before Cracklin’ Rosie, Fish was introduced as “Henrietta, Eyeball Man.” Before playing the encore, Trey shared some Thanksgiving wishes, saying “hope everyone has a nice day tomorrow. Don’t feed any turkey to your dog.” Carolina was performed without microphones to close the show.