Phish - 1992

The Capitol Theatre
Port Chester, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second night of an all ages, 2-night stand billed by the promoter as “Third Annual Thanksgiving Jam!” It was also Phish’s seventh and last show at the Capitol Theatre. Some say the Phish-at-The-Cap era had to end to save the balcony, but the venue remains a favorite among many long-time fans for its ornate decor and excellent acoustics. This show’s opener, My Sweet One, was interrupted for a few minutes by a bass problem which the band called “Capitol Punishment.” During Mike’s Song, Chris Kuroda’s fog machines reportedly produced enough smoke to obscure the stage for much of the jam. Tweezer included teases of Alumni Blues. This rendition of Love You featured an especially long vacuum solo by Fish as well as his work on a large gong, donated for the show by old friend Woody from The Joneses. Before Harpua, Fish titled the excursion “Woody’s Gong.” Harpua featured a return journey inside Fish’s head where Jimmy, Harpua and Poster were enjoyed their favorite hit, Jimmy Olsen’s Blues which was teased for the third time in November. There was a lighting malfunction (or maybe it was an experiment) during Golgi Apparatus. Trey dedicated Contact to his Grandma Jean Jones, who was in the audience, confessing “it’s her favorite song.”