Phish - 1992

Variety Playhouse
Atlanta, GA, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II

Show Notes

This all ages show was Phish’s third and last performance at the Variety Playhouse.  Amidst an extended, segmented David Bowie, the band jumped to the 1st known public performance of Lullaby Of Birdland, then to Trey’s explanation of the Phish Secret Language Instructions and back.  The show was cut short when plumbing problems in the theater – a leak in an upper bathroom – caused a flood at the dancefloor and stage below.  Trey promised the audience that the band would “make it up to you next time” (see 2/19/93 – 2/21/93).  Undaunted by the fear of electrocution, the rowdy crowd down front some of whom were standing in ankle-deep sewer water, chanted “Zap us, Zap us!”  Due to the flood, all of “set II” was performed entirely without microphones.  Before I Didn’t Know, in response to a number of yelled requests, Fish sang the opening to Avenu Malcanu.  Unable to play his vacuum powered bagpipes solo, Fish complained loudly during I Didn’t Know that “they just turned off the stage power off right at this crucial moment of my life.”  He made it up by playing some trombone for the rest of the song.  The only known surviving recording of this show was Bryon Sosinski’s audience tape, which was professionally remastered to create the March 28, 1992 Variety Playhouse – Atlanta, GA bonus disc that accompanied the At The Roxy box set.