Phish - 1992

Campus Club
Providence, RI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s fifth and last show at the Campus Club – an 18-and-over show on Friday The 13th. Tickets cost $10 and the show was sold out. This gig is known as “The Creaturelope” show though a complimentary Wizard Of Oz theme was also present. Divided Sky contained teases of Over the Rainbow (Harold Arlen and E.Y. Harburg cover) as did Fluffhead, Wilson and Run Like An Antelope. Fluffhead and Run Like An Antelope also included teases of We’re Off To See The Wizard (Harold Arlen cover). Big Black Furry Creature From Mars included a vocal jam with a Hawaii/How Are You theme and a brief Lullaby of Birdland (George Shearing and George David Weiss aka B.Y. Forster cover) teases and a reggae verse, all signaled by various secret language. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars was sandwiched inside Run LIke An Antelope spawning the term “Creaturelope”. This second-ever live performance of The Horse included alternate lyrics “…if i were here and you were there, Mathilda in between…” During the Possum intro, Trey used the Fall Down secret language as a test, then delivered the Phish Secret Language Instructions “since word has obviously not spread yet since the Portsmouth shows”. He ran through The Simpsons, Fall Down, Turn Turn Turn (“turn around and cheer at Paul as if he’s the band and scream ‘Roots!’), and Random Note secret language. Trey said “you should tell your friends this stuff or put it on a tape or something so i don’t have to keep explaining it.” During Contact, Mike played his accordion for the 1st and only known occasion onstage with Phish. He recalled that the accordion was broken and didn’t work. This venue had dressing rooms in the basement along with a bunch of out-of-place appliances (extra stoves and the like). Nobody ever asked about the appliances. The two brothers who ran the place would serve the band a meal of homemade pasta before playing. This may have been the site of an early, memorable dinner with John Paluska and ‘Rift’ producer Barry Beckett. The soundcheck setlist was adopted from fan sources.