Phish - 1992

The Coach House
San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

With the Santana tour off the next few days, Phish conspired with their old friends from Ninja Custodian who had relocated from Vermont to Los Angeles to play a gig at The Coach House, an Orange County restaurant and club with a capacity of just 480. The June/July/August 92 Phish Update had listed “possible headline shows” but it is unknown when this gig was announced. This was the “Somewhere Over The Rainbow Show.” Ninja Custodian, in a rare reunion, opened the show. Apparently the venue staff refused to move the tables to allow dancing…until the music started. Wilson included The Simpsons, Fall Down and Random Note secret language. Suzy Greenberg to open set II began with A Capella introduction “little Suzy Greenberg with her head caved in…” Terrapin featured Ninja Mike from Ninja Custodian on drums and some scatting during Fish’s vacuum solo. The Flintstones Theme was teased before Take The ‘A’ Train, which subsequently included teases of The Flintstones and Over The Rainbow, the latter of which was performed in ernest (albeit instrumentally) for the 1st time between Take The ‘A’ Train and Cavern. Over The Rainbow was also teased during Cavern. The Squirming Coil was the only encore the band played during the month of August.