Phish - 1992

Holman Stadium
Nashua, NH, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an all ages, 1-set show opening for Santana. The venue was a baseball stadium with a capacity of about 4300 with the distinction of being the first stadium to host a racially integrated U.S. baseball team in 1946. After Phish’s set, members of Phish sat in with Santana for Chill Out, Super Boogie and Hong Kong Blues. Taping was not allowed at the Santana opening shows and no known audience recording circulates. Phish spent the following day at MTV Studios in New York City as the house band on “Hangin’ With MTV”, a cheesy dance party show. When the show aired, just short edits of songs were shown as well as some clips of Fish playing vacuum and Trey and Mike on mini-trampolines during You Enjoy Myself. Trey later apologized to fans for the decision.