Phish - 1992

Poplar Creek Music Center
Hoffman Estates, IL, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Show Notes

This was an all ages, 1-set show opening for Santana. The venue was a short-lived modern amphitheatre with a capacity near 20,000. The soundcheck was a tribute to Chris “Topher” Kuroda and included teases of Wild Thing (Chip Taylor cover). The Trio Jam arose due to technical difficulties with Trey’s guitar, so the rest of band briefly jammed while his guitar was being fixed. Before the Trio Jam, Mike said “we’d like to send this next number out to three people that came a long way to see us play today, Jim Rice, Carlton Fisk, Fred Lynne. We love you.” Fish said “this next song features no guitar.” After the Trio Jam, Trey said “sorry, we’ve got it all taken care of” and launched into Stash. After Llama, Trey said “Thank you very much. See you guys next time. Enjoy Carlos.”