Phish - 1992

Winston-Salem, NC, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an 18-and-over show with Col. Bruce Hampton & The Aquarium Rescue Unit opening.  Page sat in with ARU for a couple songs of their opening set while Trey briefly took over for Chris Kuroda, running the lights for them.  Foam began with a tease/repeat of All Things Reconsidered.  NICU was performed in its original, reggae arrangement.  David Bowie contained The Simpsons and Oom Pah Pah secret language  Before starting set II with Buried Alive, Trey wished Amy a happy birthday and said that Buried Alive was inspired by (ARU guitarist) Jimmy Herring.  Possum included Random Note and Finger Scrape secret language from Trey and Mike.  The three encores were each performed separately, with the band leaving the stage and returning after each song.  Trey’s narration during Harpua carried the audience to the “jungles of Brazil” (complete with Fish quoting the musical, Brazil) and featured Trey cradling his dog Marley in his arms while he told the story.   Harpua included a tease of Fire and Trey’s introduction of Page before his organ solo as “a beacon of light in a world of flight” – the second reference to the great Pennsylvania aviator Clifford Ball in forty-eight hours.  Brother > Harpua from this show were released in 2011 as a bonus download with the Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 box set (see also 11/25/95).