Phish - 1992

Warfield Theatre
San Francisco, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show at the Warfield – a historic vaudeville/movie house opened in 1922 with a capacity of 2,250. It was an all ages show with Widespread Panic opening. This gymnastic David Bowie included Fall Down, Random Laugh, The Simpsons and Oom Pah Pah secret language. It also twice bookended the 1st performance of Catapult in its closing segment. Set II began with Page’s brother Steve sitting in an oversized metal washtub onstage. Throughout the song, Mike’s brother David (“Digger”), Susan Gutkowski (now Susan Ryder), Chip Hooper, and others jumped in and out of the tub. The band gave the tub away at the end of the show. During the gig, the crew van was broken into and all the crew’s bags and clothes were stolen. After that ordeal, Henry Petras threw a party at his house in Palo Alto where the band decided to dub Henry’s Anaconda Theatre DAT soundboard masters and disseminate them via: tape trees on the At the party, world also spread confirming the free show the following afternoon at Stanford University.