Phish - 1992

1313 Club
Charlotte, NC, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was an 18-and-over show. We’re Off To See The Wizard teases preceded the Llama set I opener and popped up again during Run Like An Antelope. Mike’s Song began with an out-of-season tease of Auld Lang Syne and also had a quick tease of Stairway To Heaven by Trey. Weekapaug Groove included multiple shout-outs to Paul in the form of “Roots!” The Horse contained the early “Mathilda in between” lyric. This rendition of My Sweet One had an extended introduction that featured lots of secret language including Fall Down, Finger Scrape, Oom Pah Pah, The Simpsons and Me And My Arrow (aka Asshole In The Front Row). My Sweet One ended with an unusual “Fish, Fish, Fish” chant by the rest of the band. Harry Hood included jokes from the band about somebody’s t-shirt in the audience, including some Fish quotes from Marvin The Martian. Fish extended his vacuum powered bagpipe solo during Love You into and through the Cold As Ice outro. The encore, Memories and Sweet Adeline, was performed without microphones.