Phish - 1992

Barrymore Theatre
Madison, WI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This all ages show was Phish’s fourth and final performance at The Barrymore and the last Phish show presented by Jason Colton’s TMJ Productions. This unique Wilson included an extended ambient/rhythmic section (before the “Blat Boom” lyrics) with The Simpsons, Finger Scrape and Random Note secret language and a dark jam with band members screaming. Llama was played especially fast with stops between each stanza of the chorus. Trey began his narration during Fly Famous Mockingbird with “ahhh, the Sacred Greed” “You really can’t fight with old Mother Nature, can you?” The narration involved the freezing cold air from outdoors filling the theater and freezing the whole place and everyone in it. A huge metal robot then stomped the neighborhood, (conveniently bypassing the band’s truck and bus) and the venue into ice particles which were swept by a “5,000 foot broom” into Fish’s vacuum. From inside the giant saliva-filled vacuum, the congregation ultimately parachuted to Gamehendge. Trey sang the rest of the narration in a strange monotone before finishing Fly Famous Mockingbird. Sweet Adeline and Carolina were performed without microphones.