Phish - 1992

Lonestar Roadhouse
New York, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This “A Picture of Nectar” Album Release Party was a private, 1-set industry showcase. The laminates read: “The Lonestar Roadhouse, Elektra Entertainment and McGathy Promotions present: Phish.” The show was not listed in Apr/May 92 Phish Update and reportedly only about 20 fans and guests were allowed in following at two-hour open bar and private party for Elektra staff. The Introduction before the set was delivered by (someone believed to be) an Elektra Elecutive who said “if anybody tries to leave early we have an armed terrorist squad imported from L.A. who are out front. Right after the show you can head over to 54th and 8th for Kings X…thank everybody for coming and…here’s Phish.” During the Cold As Ice intro, Trey introduced Fish saying “would you please give a warm welcome to the one, the only, the greatest, able to leap tall buidlings in a single mumu, Henrietta!” During Love You, Fish announced “this is a song by Syd Barrett, written after getting kicked out of Pink Floyd for drooling on the stage.” He also introduced the band – Page on keys, Ernest Guiseppe Anastasio on drums and “always in perfect position, Mr. Mike Gordon on bass, my name is Jonathan and this is my 1967 Electrolux Power Model.” During Sweet Adeline (which was performed without microphones), the band left the stage and jumped onto some Elektra/Radio executives’ dinner table in the middle of room to perform the song.