Phish - 1992

Paul Wright Gymnasium, Western State College
Gunnison, CO, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This Phish’s 1st visit to the Paul Wright Gym, “the highest collegiate gym in the world” with a capacity of about 2,000 and altitude over 7,700 feet. It was an all ages show presented by KWSB and The DON and advance tickets cost $10. During the Sparkle intro Trey made a dedication – “this one is for Donna.” Before the solos in Brother, Trey yelled “talk about your uncle!” NICU was performed in its original, reggae arrangement. After Cold As Ice, Fish said “I’m sorry I can’t find my cymbals so we’re going to have to pass on the Neil Diamond tune.” As he started to explain he was going to sing an old Pink Floyd song, he found his cymbals and said “alright sorry, I lied again. I have my cymbals…and so we will begin with the ceremonial B-AHhhhh.” He also ad-libbed the alternative lyric “Girl if it lasts a whole hour, well that’s a Miracle, because we’ve got all night.” After Uncle Pen, Trey hollered that they’d play a bit more bluegrass (to band shoutsof “Hoedown”, “Yeehaw” and the like), dropping into what Brad called “Caverngrass” – a bluegrass-inflected version of Cavern, complete with some double-time sections and alternate lyrics “The flesh from Satan’s doggie will make the rudiments of gruel”, “I saddled up the horses and headed down to the hoedown” and “Whatever you do, take care of your boots.” The encore Big Black Furry Creature From Mars contained a Make Your Own Guacamole jam using avocados the band supplied to the audience. Trey stopped between verses to say “This is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. When we come to the gigs backstage they’re supposed to give us guacamole but all they gave us was avocados, so we’re now gonna make the guacamole right here. It’s called Make Your Own Guacamole”. Fish piped up “On the count of four, we’re all going to make our own guacamole” and they tore back into Creature. The rest of Creature included a tease of We’re Off To See The Wizard, repeated Mike screams of “I can’t hear you” and stage divers.