Phish - 1992

El Rey Theater
Albuquerque, NM, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show took place in a historic movie theater built in 1941. The David Bowie intro included Up Up And Away In My Beautiful Balloon, Random Laugh, Simpsons, Oom Pah Pah and Finger Scrape secret language. David Bowie also had some unusual lyrics from Trey (some cover song?) and bizarre screaming and singing from other band members. Avenu Malkanu featured multiple introductions and whispered “Cactus” testimony surrounding Mike’s bass solo. Trey introduced Page as Leon before his piano solo in a very fast My Sweet One. Mike began Mike’s Song with the “this is my song, call it what you will but you know it’s my song” intro, along with more “Cactus” testimony from the band. The Horse included alternative lyric “…if I were here and you were there, Mathilda in between…”. During Terrapin, Fish played his solo on his vacuum powered bagpipes (which were thought to be defunct by this point). “Damn things are cheap…Pakistani model…but that’s ok, because only with a cheap set of bagpipes could you do this.” Trey interjected “Ladies and gentlemen, Henrietta has officially bought the farm…under the guise of Paul Gartski.” Before Sleeping Monkey, Trey announced “this is one of my favorite gigs of the whole tour…” Following this show, the band, crew and Marley took a rafting trip with Amy Skelton’s sister on the Verde River outside Flagstaff, AZ. A “TBA” show in Tucson, AZ was listed in the Mar/Apr 92 Phish Update. However, the next show actually happened in Tucson on 4/12/92.