Phish - 1992

The Orpheum Theatre
Boston, MA, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This all ages show was Phish’s 1st and only performance at The Orpheum, one of the oldest theaters in the United States.  It was built in 1852 for symphony and later housed vaudeville and movies, before becoming Boston’s rock and roll palace with a capacity of about 2700.  Soundcheck featured a string of 1st known performances: Long Train Runnin’ (aka Without Love), Listen To The Music, China Groove and even a Fish-attempted Taking It To The Streets (all Doobie Brothers covers).  Split Open And Melt included a tease of Oye Como Va.  My Sweet One’s intro included The Simpsons and Fall Down secret language as well as a guttural Trey scream of “Leo!” to introduce Page’s piano solo.  The drums intro to Cavern was twice as long as usual.  This somewhat out and extended David Bowie intro included a tease of Long Train Runnin’ (Doobie Brothers cover) and the David Bowie jam seemed to tease Listen To The Music (another Doobie Brothers cover).  The Horse contained the early “Mathilda in between” lyric.  After this show, The Horse/Silent In The Morning combination would be shelved until the band returned to the United States.  After Fish’s Hold Your Head Up outro, Trey introduced him as Henrietta.  Sweet Adeline was performed without microphones,  Before singing it, Trey asked the audience to help the band perform an a cappella number in their largest venue to-date.  At the time, Metallica were Phish’s label-mates on Elektra and after pulling off the un-mic’d Sweet Adeline at The Orpheum, Trey commented “gotta say, I’d like to see Metallica try that.  You guys are incredible.”  Suzy Greenberg subsequently featured some active testimony and scatting from Fish and Trey – obviously excited to be home.  During the last notes of Suzy’s ending, Trey spat out “Thank You on behalf of Genghis Khan!”