Phish - 1992

Pittsburgh, PA, United States map

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Show Notes

This show was Phish’s 1st Pittsburgh appearance. It was listed in the Nov/Dec 92 Phish Update as all ages, although there may have been an age limitation. The venue was an old warehouse-turned rock club with a capacity of about 1,200.  Fish performed his solo during Poor Heart on his Madonna washboard and Trey introduced him as “Madonna’s long lost sister.” Reba, was finished without whistling and led into the eighth (and last of 1992) Secret Language Instructions. Some feedback followed Reba and Trey seized the moment “it seems like we’ve got an opportunity here and there’s something i should tell you…we’ve got this little secret language that goes on for people who see us a lot.” Saying he only talks about the language every ten gigs or so, Trey then ran through the main signals in order: The Simpsons, Random Note, Fall Down (“as if someone hit you on the head with a giant hammer”) and Turn Turn Turn. “Now keep it a secret, tell your friends, but when the average man on the street walks in, don’t let them know what happens.” As an afterthought, Trey added the Finger Scrape secret language.  The Run Like An Antelope intro included The Simpsons secret language. The set II opener, Buried Alive, included some falsetto vocal harmonization along with the guitar melody. Runaway Jim contained Random Note secret language.  During the pause between The Asse Festival and Guelah (The Fly), Trey told a story about getting in a fight with a security guard at a parking garage earlier in the day. During the encore, Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone.