Phish - 1992

Boston Garden
Boston, MA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was a semi-Halloween-themed (Devil’s Night), 1-set show at the WBCN New Music Concert “Rockaboston” event. It was Phish’s 1st show at the Boston Garden, a historic basketball and ice hockey arena built in the 1920’s with a capacity of about 15,000. In addition to Phish and the Spin Doctors, the Levelers, Material Issue, Michael Penn and a comedy troupe that included Dane Cook performed between sets. The comedy troupe comedians were reportedly booed off stage before their time expired as the impatient crowd clamored for the first Phish show in months. Phish played before the Spin Doctors. The Nov/Dec 92 Phish Update ‘Phish News’ announced, “We are currently in the studio working on our next album, currently untitled, which is due for release on Elektra Records in late January of 1993. We’re recording at White Crow Sudios in Burlington and plan to mix the album at The Castle in Nashville. Special thanks to Barry Beckett, Kevin Halpin and Jon Altschiller for invaluable help in the studio…As far as gigs go, we plan on doing four shows around the New England region from Dec. 28 – 31, with New Years Eve hopefully in Boston. As soon as we confirm these four shouws, we will send out a postcard with all pertinent info. Be sure to check the hotline regularly for updates on this time period. After the new album comes out, we will embark on an extensive national tour (including several dates in Canada) from early Feb. through mid-May.” This newsletter also gave a fall 1992 “ update” celebrating the 1-year anniversary of the computer network and explaining how to access and the news group called John Greene, Matt Laurence and Shelly Culbertson were listed as contacts for the online community. Mixing of the album that would be “Rift” at The Castle continued up until and possibly into the upcoming fall tour.